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Made of 100% PVC backed polyester Tough Duck, the cover has 3 layers. Closed cell polythylene foam is sandwiched between the Tough Duck and aluminized reflective fabric backing, reducing the radiant heat from the engine. They are desgned with a little ease in the fit, to allow some airspace, to prevent over heating the plastic.  It is waterproof and features an insulated cup holder. Grommets are placed to utilize existing pins, and pieces of semi-rigid velcro are used where pins are not available. 
Fits Commanders and Mavericks.   Comes in black.
Does not fit Maverick X MR or Turbo models.  For Limited models, see Cool Cover LTD. Also, does not fit 2021 Models.

Note:  For winter weather it can be removed or left attached at the top, leaving the side flaps free to pull over your legs. This uses the engine heat, also holding in you body heat, while keeping you dry.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 19 reviews: 4.9
Wonderful to see such quality in your productI’m 70 years old and a do it yourselfer. It’s hard to find good quality in a product anymore because most products are no longer made in the USA. Linda, your product standard I would rate “superior quality“. And the installation instructions were easy to understand. I’m extremely please with my purchase. Written by Brad on Mon 5 Apr 2021 3:46:43 PM GMT
Well made but.. over priced for what it does.Installed. Looks good. Wrinkles are definitely there but doesn't look bad. Easy to install. I notice no difference in noise. Some heat loss is it. I have the cool cover and the back. No noise proofing on material..just heat reflection. Written by Cale T Nolan on Tue 1 Sep 2020 11:26:21 PM GMT
Very ImpresseFits perfect, arrived witin about 4 weeks, easy install, made my Maverick quieter and cooler. My Can Am is much more enjoyable to drive, better than I ever expected. Thank you Written by Troy Penrod on Mon 24 Aug 2020 8:03:46 PM GMT
Absolutely worth buying!!!This makes the Maverick much more fun to drive! Keeps the cabin cooler and quieter! Buy this and the behind the seat covers. If you buy only one or the other you will want both! Written by Ben Petersen on Wed 4 Sep 2019 10:45:41 PM GMT
Couldn't be happierReceived the cover 6/27 and couldn't be more impressed. Julie, you are fast, fast, fast! Figured I better be just as fast and installed it last night. Looks great! Black as can be and none of the wrinkles that show in the pictures...better than I expected and fit is excellent. Near perfection!
Took a few weeks before we got a chance to ride, but the timing was perfect...we had temps in the 90's and the cover made a vast improvement. Heat was drastically reduced. Sound levels diminished some too, enough so our stereo system never sounded better. Thanks for the little extra, it was perfectly positioned. Should have done this long ago. Talent and workmanship like this is always appreciated. Thank you.
Written by Mike Bezara on Sun 21 Jul 2019 3:11:18 PM GMT
You need thisThis thing is awesome! The quality is top notch fits like glove. It reduced the heat. And noise. You can actually talk to the passenger while driving . I had to turn down he stereo because I could actually here it while driving . Great product highly recommend! Written by Darin Maki on Wed 8 May 2019 12:26:19 AM GMT
EXCELLENT!This is a quality-made product. Fits VERY well, and does a good job at heat reduction in the cockpit. I would recommend buying this item for your Commander. Written by Vinal Applebee on Thu 27 Sep 2018 7:52:08 PM GMT
Excellent ProductJust received the Cool Cover for for my 2018 Commander a couple days ago. Installed it last night. this cover fits like a glove!! Very pleasing to the eye and the quality and workmanship are nothing short of excellent!! Julie is awesome!!!! I installed Thermo-Tec on all my inside panels and with this cover I'm sure I will notice a huge reduction in heat and noise. Haven't tried it yet but no doubt will see what everyone is saying in the other reviews!! This cover should be the first thing you install on any Can-Am buggy!! Well worth the dollars spent!!! Would certainly recommend this cover!!!!!!!!!! Written by Bryan Pryce on Thu 30 Aug 2018 12:09:47 PM GMT
Awesome ProductI've had my cool cover for 2 yrs now and it works amazingly well to decrease the heat generated by the motor of my commander. The product fits perfectly and cleanly and the overall quality of the cover definitely makes it worth the price. Written by Marcia on Mon 16 Jul 2018 5:29:11 PM GMT
Works great, Well made.Fits great, big reduction in heat and engine noise. Cup holders dont heat beverages to near boiling anymore (good thing). This should be the first aftermarket part you buy. Very well made, worth the money- I wish I had bought this about a year ago. Written by Will M on Sun 1 Jul 2018 1:01:40 AM GMT
Cool CoverAs all the other review have said this is an excellent cover, does exactly what is advertised to do, excellent workmanship and quality if you have a commander this is a must, kudos to Mike and Julie for developing this cover.
Money well spent!!
Written by Mike Harvey on Thu 19 Apr 2018 4:26:13 PM GMT
Great product.Great workmanship awesome material. Cooler and not as noisy. highly recommend. Very quick service. Written by wayne higgs on Tue 3 Apr 2018 1:47:13 AM GMT
A MUST HAVE!Fits like a glove and the noise reduction is awesome! Telling all my Commander buddies about them. Thanks for a great product! Written by John Monda on Fri 23 Feb 2018 7:55:36 PM GMT
Cool coverThis cover is great, keeps cab cooler and noise down. I can put a drink in the holder an it stays cold. Very happy with this company. Written by Duncan lickfold on Wed 21 Dec 2016 6:54:45 AM GMT
Get this for your Can Am!Cover is very well built and makes a big difference in the noise in the cab, as well as reduces the heat from the engine. I have a full glass windshield, roof, can am pro armor doors and rear window, so heat and noise is higher than without them. I have recommended this product to my friends. Written by Dave on Tue 13 Dec 2016 3:45:22 PM GMT
Great console cover for my 4 seater Can Am. Really works- drastic reduction of heat Written by Joe Pozo on Mon 8 Aug 2016 7:35:18 PM GMT
Great console cover for my 4 seater Can Am. Really works- drastic reduction of heat Written by Joe Pozo on Mon 8 Aug 2016 7:29:01 PM GMT
Great idea, Great product.I have had my Can Am Commander only a little over a year. Right out of the gate I knew there was a heat issue in the cab area. Researched a few of these covers available and liked the design of Tite Tops Cool Cover. People, this cover works. It does not eliminate all heat in cabin area, nor does it claim to, but it does greatly reduce the heat from the console area. Yes, it's a little pricey for what it is but, it is very well made and effective at reducing high temps. in the cabin. Written by Rhett Reams on Tue 14 Jun 2016 1:28:03 AM GMT
Cool CoverI installed the cool cover in my 2012 Commander a little less than a year ago,and the results have been dramatic.The cab heat has been reduced at least 90%,during summer use , and the noise by about 50%.Installation was pretty straight forward, and the fit is excellent! This is a great product Written by David Janove on Mon 22 Dec 2014 4:17:35 AM GMT
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